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A Note From Allison Reynolds-Berry

Today I write to share the bittersweet news that after more than 9 years as Executive Director, I have decided to move on from my role with Ignite Peace. I have been honored and grateful to lead the organization through a transition as the first lay leader, increasing our staff capacity and reach in the community, through a tumultuous political climate, COVID, strategic plan, and a name change. As we continue to advocate for a nonviolent future, what has remained constant has been the hope that a different reality is possible. The many dedicated individuals who show up, speak out, commit to learning more, provide financial support, and talk about the work of Ignite Peace with those in their network has been a mainstay in our work for peace. It has been a privilege to work with an incredible staff – Samantha, Hayley, and Bekky, and many other staff, interns, and board leaders over the years. Our current board and staff remain committed to continuing the mission of Ignite Peace and I know the organization will thrive under their leadership. With gratitude for the relationships I’ve built and with hope for the future, Allison