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Ignite Peace’s mission is to create a nonviolent society and we embrace nonviolent action as the pathway and strategy to systemic and societal change. Nonviolence is courageous and requires taking action in the face of injustice. Nonviolent practice seeks to understand perspectives, prioritizes restoration, centers accountability, and sees conflict as the opportunity for growth. As practitioners of strategic nonviolence, we recognize the power we hold when bringing people together to organize under shared values. We bring this lens to every level of our work, from shaping our own staff culture, to community building in grassroots settings, to working in coalitions. Read more about our Nonviolence Framework here.

Our Work

  • Strategic Nonviolence Intensive: Born from growing requests for peace education, nonviolence tools for activists, and a local resource for justice seekers, this program seeks to meet the needs of many in Greater Cincinnati and beyond who strive to prioritize nonviolent solutions and interactions each day. You can bring this to your office, place of worship, or other community space by emailing Bekky.
  • In 2024 we plan to begin offering more educational opportunities in nonviolence and trainings in Bystander Intervention and De-escalation. Offerings will be announced through our email lists and quarterly newsletters so be sure to subscribe to stay updated.

Get Involved

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  • We host quarterly potlucks at the Peaslee Neighborhood Center and would love your help organizing and creating a welcoming environment for all who join us. If you’re interested in helping with these events, email Bekky.