Save The Date: October 9, 2024. Annual Gathering of Ignite Peace.

Immigration Justice

From the workplace, to the classroom, to our neighborhoods, immigrant families are part of our communities in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Ignite Peace works in partnership with immigrant leaders and local organizations to identify, call attention to, and organize around issues facing our local immigrant community.

Our Position 

Ignite Peace believes that immigrants are to be fully welcomed to the United States and embraced as essential members of our society. Immigrants deserve the opportunity to build a good life and be protected from exploitation, just like everyone else. The U.S. immigration system needs to be overhauled and built to be more equitable and just, including a pathway to citizenship for our undocumented neighbors. Furthermore, we believe that national security is not enhanced by threats of mass deportation or by detention of undocumented individuals and families.

Our Work

The goal of Ignite Peace’s work for immigration justice is to engage immigrants, allies, and the general public on the realities of our broken immigration system so that we can work together to advocate for change.

  • Ignite Peace coordinates the Immigrant Dignity Coalition, a network of 40+ organizations dedicated to informing, connecting, and mobilizing the Southwest Ohio / Northern Kentucky community to defend and protect the dignity of the immigrant and refugee community by working in partnership with one another.
  • Ignite Peace offers interactive, dynamic group presentations to explain how the immigration system works and doesn’t work. To request a speaker, please fill out this form.

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