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Justice for Elwood Jones

*Judge Wende Cross ruled in favor of Elwood Jones on 12/20/2022, granting Elwood a new trial. More details coming soon.*

Support an Innocent Man on OH Death Row.

In 1997, Elwood Jones was sentenced to die for murdering an elderly woman while he was working as an employee of a Blue Ash hotel. But Elwood has maintained his innocence over the decades he’s sat on death row.

**Stay tuned for more actions you can take to help support Elwood and raise awareness about our unjust criminal legal system**

Update 12/20/2022

In August 2022, a hearing was held to determine if there was enough evidence to grant Elwood Jones a new trial. Elwood’s defense presented over 4000 pages of evidence that the prosecution had withheld in the original trial.

On December 20th, 2022, Judge Wende Cross ruled in favor of Elwood Jones. Judge Cross determined that there was material evidence withheld, resulting in a Brady Violation, thereby granting Elwood a new trial.

Judge Cross stated, “When prosecutors withhold evidence that they are duty bound to turn over, they undermine the constitution, the supreme court’s case law and the premise of justice. Brady violations not only send potentially innocent people to prison but they reinforce a win at all costs mentality that undermines the pursuit of justice.”

More details coming in 2023.