Save The Date: October 9, 2024. Annual Gathering of Ignite Peace.

Introducing Ignite Peace

After much anticipation and a lot of hard work, we are excited to reintroduce ourselves with our new organizational name: Ignite Peace! We feel this new name brings powerful imagery connecting to the deep passion you each bring in the work for justice and what ignites each of us in the work for peace. We believe each person must Be A Spark For Justice as we work to ignite peace in our communities and our world.

Thank you for standing alongside us in our mission to educate and advocate for peace, challenge unjust systems, and promote the creation of a nonviolent society.

We are especially thankful for the guidance, support, and expertise we received from Rebeca Arbona and Cha Soutar at Brandtrue who led us through the name selection process, and to Tony Neary of Tony Neary Design who developed our gorgeous new logo.

We remain grateful to you, our many partners, individuals, and organizations who have laid the foundation of Ignite Peace since 1985. Your legacy as brave justice seekers has led us into deeper relationships and into the streets over the years, working to ignite peace in new ways.

Over the coming months we’ll be transitioning our web presence from Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center to Ignite Peace. We are thrilled to have you part of our Ignite Peace family.