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Get to Know Jose Antonio Vargas


With the publication of “Dear America: Notes of an Undocumented Citizen” released on Tuesday, September 18th, we want to put together some links to interviews and excerpts of Jose to give a bit more context to him and his amazing and inspirational story and perspective. This will be regularly updated so feel free to share the link to this post to friends and colleagues who may be interested in attending “Belonging: Undocumented and American” but want to know a bit more about our keynote speaker before purchasing a ticket.

Recent Press:

“Jose Antonio Vargas: New Book Alert” from MSNBC. 9/30/2018. This video interview with Joy Reid not only features Jose talking about his new book but connecting the current separation of families to his and others’ immigrant experiences.

“Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas on living in the US undocumented for 25 years” from CBSN News. 9/20/2018. This long form video interview (approximately 20 minutes) from Red & Blue, CBS News political show, provides a great background on Jose’s background, upbringing, how journalists and reporting impacts the conversation of immigration, and his future.

“Her Son Was Murdered by an Undocumented Immigrant. I’m an Undocumented Immigrant. This Is What Happened When We Spoke” from Time. 9/19/2018. This essay by Jose Antonio Vargas is adapted from his memoir and details an exchange he had while on air in an interview on Fox News.

“Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas Details the Undocumented Experience”¬†from Los Angeles Magazine. 9/18/2018. In an interview with Los Angeles Magazine, Jose details some of the challenges of writing his memoir and the overarching themes.

“To write his debut memoir, Jose Antonio Vargas went off the grid” from NBC News. 9/18/2018. This interview shares more about the reason for writing Dear America and some of the lessons he learned in writing the book.

“‘Dear America’ Writes a Pulitzer-Winning Journalist – An Undocumented Immigrant”¬†from NPR. 9/15/2018. Jose details a bit of his backstory and about his memoir in this NPR radio interview.

“What America Looks Like from a Jail in South Texas” from NY Times. 9/15/2018. This essay in the Opinion section details an experience that Jose had in 2014 while in detention in South Texas.