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The Promise Can Mean Hope

by Sandra OƱate, YES Advisory Board Leader

The Dream and Promise Act of 2019 has given a small ray of hope to all who could benefit from it, including me. It has the potential to provide permanent status for millions of immigrants and give a pathway towards citizenship among many other benefits. The most updated version of what has previously been known as The Dream Act, covers a larger group of immigrants from various countries then it has covered in past proposals. The larger group covers TPS holders and DED holders as well as DACA holders and other undocumented youth.

As for me, it gives me the ability to stay in Cincinnati where I have grown up and have received education. It will allow me to continue my education and keep most of my family members close to me. Though this bill could provide a solution for people like me who are constantly under the uncertainty of their immigration status, it does not provide a permanent solution for people like our parents who brought us here for a better future.

In my case I would benefit greatly because I would have permanent health stability and would not have the uncertainty of losing my DACA status or losing my vision. Back in Mexico the healthcare system is not very updated. The opportunities to have proper treatment to avoid the worsening of my Glaucoma don’t exist. Maintaining my health is my priority and was the reason for my family to immigrate to the U.S.

We constantly fight for legislation like the Dream and Promise Act to remain clean with no strings attached. In the process of passing this bill, we emphasize that we do not want any punishments for our parents, family members, and others who look forward to having a safer and better place to live. We will continue to push for a clean Promise and Dream Act of 2019 but also for a comprehensive immigration reform.

Join me in writing a letter, making a call, sending an email, or Tweeting your Congressperson to tell them to support the Dream and Promise Act.