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Housing Issues

The federal Fair Housing Act was passed in 1968 to ensure that housing is made accessible to all people regardless of race, color, religion, nation of origin, gender, sexual orientation, family status, physical disability, and/or mental disability. Even though immigration status is not protected by the Fair Housing Act, immigrants have federal fair housing rights because they cannot be discriminated against due to their national origin. 

In Cincinnati, the affordable housing crisis has hit the immigrant and refugee community hard. Our new Fair Housing for Immigrants Report summarizes stories shared by several of our organizational partners. Read about the real people who struggle to find and secure affordable housing, deal with quality of life issues, and face eviction.

Immigrants contribute to both the supply and demand of housing in America, benefiting the economy. They are a large part of the construction workforce and help to increase the demand for new housing units. To learn more about fair housing and immigrants’ contributions to the housing market read the articles below.


  • “Fair housing laws protect immigrants, refugees, and people of all religious faiths.” Learn more about how you are protected under the Fair Housing Act with this fact sheet from the National Fair Housing Alliance.
  • Immigrants have added $3.7 trillion to U.S. housing wealth. Learn about the impact of immigration on the housing market through this article and interactive map.
  • There are a lot of uncertainties when it comes to fair housing. Get your questions about immigration status and housing discrimination answered here.
  • Housing affects nearly every part of a persons’ life. To understand the importance of fair housing and how we can improve housing equality read the 2018 fair housing trends report.

Take Action:

  • Connect families to HOME, an organization that “offers free and confidential services to people who believe they have been victims of illegal housing discrimintation”.
  • Follow the National Fair Housing Alliance to stay up to date on the issue.