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Education Issues

Education is a constitutional right that all children in the United States, regardless of immigration status, are entitled to. Access to a quality education, especially higher education, can help create a brighter future for immigrants living in poverty. However, many young people are struggling to concentrate in school due to anxiety about deportation. They fear that their parents, friends, relatives, or themselves may be deported, and once a loved one is deported many lose motivation. Immigrants face many obstacles when it comes to receiving a good education and schools must adapt in order to make this possible.


  • Immigrants have education rights, learn more about higher education for immigrants here.
  • There are many obstacles for immigrants in education. New studies have found that there is a rise in anxiety and absenteeism among immigrant youth, which is affecting their abilities to learn. Read more here
  • U.S. Immigration Enforcement Policy is having an impact on teaching and learning in schools. Read this working paper from the Civil Rights Project to learn more.


  • It is important to support immigrant children so they can do well in school. See how one school is hiring Somali support specialists to help immigrant children adjust in this video.

Take Action:

  • Contact your local Representatives and Senators and tell them that you do not support funding for family separation or Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE).