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Climate Issues

Climate change is an urgent matter that will affect everyone if we do not take action. However, it is already having a drastic effect on those in countries with limited resources. Extreme flooding in some areas is forcing people to migrate from their homes, in addition to rising sea levels. Other areas are experiencing extreme droughts and must leave their homes in search of water. The earth is changing due to climate change and poorer countries are the first to feel the consequences of extreme pollution from richer countries. 


  • There are a lot of questions to be asked about climate change. Read these frequently asked questions to get a better understanding of its environmental impact. 
  • Climate change will start having a strong effect on Cincinnati in the near future. To learn what we can expect, read this article from the Cincinnati Enquirer. 
  • Read this article to understand the environmental inequality among immigrants when it comes to industrial pollution.


  • Watch the Higher Ground video to learn about climate change, migration, and the need for justice and systemic change.
  • People are dealing with the consequences of climate change every day. Listen to these Voices from the Frontline as they tell about their struggles with climate induced migration. 
  • Countries all over the world have to deal with climate change. However, the ability to adjust to these changes is a privilege only afforded by wealthier countries. People in countries such as Bangladesh have very few options as shown in this video
  • Climate change is affecting people around the world, especially vulnerable populations. This video discusses some of the ways people are adapting to climate change and trying to improve their futures. 

Take Action:

  • Decrease your own carbon footprint:
  • Transportation: bike, walk, take public transportation, or carpool
  • Energy use: turn off lights when you leave a room, minimize your use of heating and cooling units in your home, unplug items that are not being used, and/or switch to renewable energy
  • Shop green: buy products with less packaging, bring reusable bags with you, buy less meat products, and/or buy used products
  • Waste: recycle, compost if you have the resources, wash and reuse products (such as plastic baggies and plastic containers)

Write a letter to your local representatives and senators. Tell them why climate change is important to you and how it is forcing people around the world to migrate due to the changing conditions.