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Running With a Purpose

In just a few short months IJPC and many other individuals and organizations will participate in the Flying Pig Marathon. If you ask anyone who is signed up for the Flying Pig why they decided to participate, you are bound to get a number of diverse answers. Running with IJPC, however, gives more motivation to participants than just keeping that New Year’s resolution to stay in shape. So why run with IJPC as opposed to on your own?

People run when it’s for a greater cause.

Traditionally people run races because of a goal to be more active or a goal to do something bigger than they thought was possible. However, there are also runners who participate in races, because they feel tied to a certain cause. Running in a race becomes more than a personal goal. It becomes a larger goal that reaches others. Similarly, running for IJPC feels like it’s more than just a race. People feel passionate about a certain issue and want to do something about it. Therefore, running makes a statement. It gives you a platform to fund raise for the work of an organization that is vital and its mission for peace. By running with IJPC, people are doing something that help others and makes a statement to stand for justice and peace.


Running with IJPC gets you connected with the Cincinnati community.

Running with IJPC is a great way to stay connected with the Cincinnati community. Running creates a space where others can come together and be in community with other people, business and nonprofits across the Cincinnati community. Not only that, but it also gives others a chance to run for global issues that can be found in Cincinnati. Part of IJPC’s mission is to challenge, not just national and global systems, but also local. By running with IJPC, you are connected to a local issue and are becoming a part of the fight for justice in Cincinnati.


Running a marathon is like the work that we do at IJPC.

Running a race can be a lot like the work that is done here at IJPC and throughout the whole nonprofit world. Here are a few of the ways in which the Flying Pig is like non-profit work:

  • It takes time to find the finish line:
    • Non-profit goals take time and effort to achieve. Many of our goals and work does not happen at once. So it is important to set small goals to reach the larger one. Running a marathon does not come from waking up one day and decided to run a large distance. It’s the small goals that build to the bigger ones. Through the time put into the small goals, the larger outcome will be greater.
  • There will be adversity
    • Running comes with its challenges, especially running a marathon. This is similar to the work done at IJPC. Many of our larger goals don’t come without their challenges. It’s from the falls that we learn what we can do better, and from those, we come back stronger than ever.
  • Support of others is key
    • Most goals are not possible without the support of others. Other people give up support in the times that we are in need the most. Our donors, volunteers and supporters are a HUGE part in the work done at IJPC. While running a marathon, many people achieve their goals from the motivation of their supporters. Like a marathon, IJPC relies on this support in order to make effective change within the community.
  • Everything is for a greater cause
    • Whether you’re running because you deeply believe in a cause, or you run because you want to be in better shape, the run is for a greater cause. This is similar to the work done at IJPC. Everything is done for a greater cause. Whether it be a large action or an intimate board meaning, everything has a purpose.
  • Celebrate the small and the large moments
    • At the end of the day running just one full mile is an accomplishment. It’s important to recognize the small wins, because they will make the larger wins that much sweeter. Similar to the work done with IJPC, change does not come overnight. It takes the success and the failure of small goals in order to reach the larger ones. We keep pressing on with the small goals in hopes of finding the finish line.

To join Team IJPC:

Email Mel – mel@IJPCcincinnati.org to connect with our discount code. Mel will provide support for fundraising and be your race contact point. As a part of Team IJPC you will get your own Team IJPC t-shirt, the ability to pick up your race packet at IJPC’s offices instead of at Duke Energy Center and the knowledge that you are part of a bigger team! Last year, Team IJPC raised $18,500. Will you join us this year to fund the peace and justice work necessary in today’s world?