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IJPC Interns Head to DC! Help them out!

On June 28th, three IJPC interns will be on their way to Washington DC to participate in the 25th Annual Starvin’ for Justice Fast & Vigil. This 4 day event includes training, advocacy, action, community and education. For our three young adults, this is an opportunity to be present to this issue in a way that they never have been. Read below in their own words why they are passionate about going.

We are currently hoping to fund raise the $500 nominal expenses it will take to get Lauren, Donald and Jen to DC & back. Please contribute here.

Lauren Bailey

Xavier University – Summer Service Intern (2017)

“I’m going to the Fast and Vigil because IJPC has shown me how important it is to show up and express my opposition to unjust systems. Last summer, IJPC put me in contact with two people who were on death row, and the conversations I’ve had with them show the extent of personal and spiritual change that is possible. By going to D.C., I wish to share the messages of hope that my friends on death row have taught me, with a goal of sparking change in our system, so nobody else has to die in this manner. Everyone on death row deserves a life that does not include a countdown to their death; and I’m looking forward to traveling to our nation’s capital to advocate for that change.”


Donald Foley

Xavier University – Summer Service Intern (2018)

“My time at IJPC has challenged me to educate myself on many social justice issues so that I can form stronger opinions on issues that impact our society. So much of my learning at IJPC has come through discussions with others and asking questions about why they hold their beliefs on certain issues. By attending the Starvin’ for Justice Annual Fast & Vigil, I will be introduced to people from all over the country who hold different viewpoints and experiences surrounding the death penalty. Listening to those that have been affected by the death penalty, I hope to begin a deeper education process surrounding the death penalty and bring that education into conversations beyond this experience that help to educate others about the issue.”

Jen Sens

Mercy Volunteer Corps

“In the past year as a full time volunteer at IJPC, I have been involved with the issue of the death penalty through educating myself and others, and attending execution vigils in Ohio.  Now I look forward to continue this journey through direct action by attending the Starvin’ for Justice fast and vigil in Washington D.C. IJPC has helped me take my personal opposition to the death penalty and connect it to a larger movement.  For myself, it is my turn to take part in this larger movement to abolish the death penalty.”