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Shifting our Work on Human Trafficking

Beginning February 2023, IJPC will no longer offer human trafficking-specific programming. Through evaluation and research as part of strategic planning, we plan to address human trafficking by focusing our efforts on systems of injustice that allow trafficking to happen in the first place. In the coming weeks we’ll share more about how this fits into our overall strategic plan; for now, we want you to know about these current changes.Read More

Raising Awareness the Right Way

We hope to shift the mainstream narrative around human trafficking from focusing on the pain and blame of victims and survivors, to focus on the systems of exploitation that allow trafficking to happen in the first place.Read More

A “Healthy” Choice for Survivors

Survivors of human trafficking deserve more than the services we are currently providing, and they deserve equal access to government insurance. Human trafficking is a bipartisan issue, so why is it that the healthcare legislature is not reflecting the respect for all humans – especially survivors of human trafficking? In order to create a society that reflects our support for survivors of human trafficking, we must first provide care for the physical needs of the person. The time is now to take action and demand freedom for everyone.Read More

IJPC Public Dialogue: Perceived vs. Actual Needs of Survivors of Sex Trafficking

IJPC will host a public dialogue regarding Perceived vs. Actual Needs of Survivors of Sex Trafficking on Thursday, June 23rd from 7 - 9:00 PM at St. Monica St. George Church Hall (328 W McMillan, 45219).Read More

A Change of Habit

"That absence of thought (when purchasing goods and services) is what lead to me contributing to slave trade, which is still present in modern day. Slavery exists today in many forms, particularly through slave labor. I learned this quickly through the research I conducted for the ethical buying guide for the human trafficking program."Read More

Resources re: Trafficking

The first event of the 2016 season for End Slavery Cincinnati's educational events featured a presentation and discussion of ten documentaries and films about various forms of trafficking. Some of those resources are highlighted here. Read More

Violence Against Women: Human Trafficking Symposium

Presented by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Office of Peace, Justice and Care for Creation. Join in for an enlightening and thought-provoking evening. All are welcome!Read More