Save The Date: October 9, 2024. Annual Gathering of Ignite Peace.

Love notes for our 30th!

The traditional gift for a 30th Anniversary is pearl. Just as the single grain of sand is the impetus for the creation of a pearl, the injustices in contemporary society are the impetus for the creation of a movement. There have been countless volunteers, conversations, and generous gifts of time, money, and resources that have created the pearls of programs that are present today.

IJPC will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary and Annual Meeting on September 17th at St. Joseph Parish’s Father Rivers Hall. In lieu of a more expansive fundraising undertaking, we have asked people to contribute to the ad book featuring our local businesses, organizations, and religious communities. We have also provided an easy opportunity for “congratulatory messages” – notes from individuals with well wishes or memories. Check out the pearls of love we have already received in the mail!