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Letter from death row – GE

From Death Row



My name is Greg Esparza, on behalf of us all, I deeply want to thank you all for being our voice, our wings. I truly am in wonderment at all you folks are and do. Society at times may look down at the least, but Matthew Chapter 25 says it all. I’ve been on Death Row 30 years and it’s hope and faith that propels me. All’s I hope is the world will one day forgive and learn to follow the path as First Corinthians Chapter 13 as it is the heart’s foundation. I don’t know my end. But my heart is comfort and knowing the world has folks like you all who are our voice. Never fear speaking truth to power as deep down in the heart of every man or woman, it knows when it’s kind or bitter.

To the ones who have been hurt by sin or crime, I am sorry and I truly know many feel the same on Death Row. To youth I say – Go to school. Do what is right. Know that drugs, or gangs are not cool. Prison is full of many who wish they could turn back the clock. So I plea to you as a man who has been here 32 years – prison and death row is real; it’s no joke or game.

To the governor, I am thankful to you for sharing your faith. Know it comforts me to know you’re my brother in faith.

As I close again, thank you all. Your love and concern is felt.

In peace,

Greg Esparza

A 179-450