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Conversations That Matter

By Seth Hernandez, IJPC Intern

It can be very easy to feel disconnected from the people around you. These last two years have made it even harder to have meaningful conversations with our friends and neighbors. Even though technology and Zoom help us to interact with one another, it has made it harder to connect in a deeper, more genuine way. Members of the Immigrant Dignity Coalition have felt it too, yearning for deeper interactions. If we want to take a stand for important issues in our society, like immigration, we need to be unified and connected to one another.

Over the last couple of months we have been working closely with members from the Immigrant Dignity Coalition here in Cincinnati to put together “Conversations that Matter.”

The goal behind this project was to build and strengthen relationships between coalition members. We achieved this by hosting a series of mostly in-person conversations where a pair of members could share their stories and experiences while feeling heard, understood, and safe.

The project was so successful that we wanted to share clips of these conversations with you! 

Keep an eye on our social media pages throughout the month of May to hear short recordings from these sessions (Instagram, Facebook). Learn more about the coalition itself and the people who do the work. Hear the stories of leaders from the immigrant community and the allies who aim to further the call for justice.

You will be able to hear from different members of the Immigrant Dignity Coalition on every post, as they discuss multiple questions on immigration and share about their experiences here in Cincinnati.

Once published, you’ll be able to find the stories on this page too. Stay tuned!

Seth is an immigrant that moved to the Greater Cincinnati Area when he was 16, he was born and raised in Mexico where his family still lives. He is very passionate about immigration and learning about people’s experiences and stories. He believes that everyone has a unique and important story that is worth sharing, and most importantly that is worth listening to. Seth describes this as a very fruitful experience where he got to meet local people that are passionate about Immigration from all different backgrounds.

Day 1: Linda – Broaden Your Mind (Instagram, Facebook)

Day 2:  Andrea – One Place or Another (Instagram, Facebook)

Day 3: Horacio – Don’t Want Hope (Instagram, Facebook)

Day 4: Seth – Love is Action (Instagram, Facebook)

Day 5: Sr. Alice – Listen (Instagram, Facebook)

Day 6: Seth & Andrea – Community (Instagram, Facebook)

Day 7: Rosalba – Share the Reality (Instagram, Facebook)

Day 8: Reyna – We Can Be Together (Instagram, Facebook)