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Nominations Open for the IJPC Bob Maxwell Peace Builder Award

At IJPC’s Annual Gathering this November, we will present someone with the 2nd Annual IJPC Bob Maxwell Peace Builder Award. Please help us honor the work toward peace in our community by nominating someone today!

Nominate online or download the form and mail to IJPC 215 E. 14th St. Cincinnati, OH 45202. Nominations must be submitted by August 19, 2018.

The IJPC Bob Maxwell Peace Builder Award recipients are distinguished by having contributed, to giving public witness to justice issues to bring about peace, and building understanding, collaboration, and trust in Greater Cincinnati, while holding the belief that peace is possible.

Guiding criteria that you might address includes:

  • Serves as an example to others through a commitment to Social Justice
  • Has made a significant contribution to the promotion of peace in Greater Cincinnati and/or beyond;
  • Gives public witness to justice issues and with compassion;
  • Believes peace is possible
  • Has contributed to peaceful resolution of a dispute and/or increased peace, collaboration, and trust
  • Mindful that the work of peace comes from a place of peace not anger;
  • Talents offered include educating, advocating and engaging others for peace;
  • Willing to speak out against injustice with words and actions.

Note:  The person under consideration does not need to meet each of these criteria, rather, the majority of them.