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IJPC’s Response to Executive Orders on Immigration

This afternoon, President Trump announced two executive actions regarding immigration, including construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and increased capacity for enforcement of immigration laws.

IJPC stands in solidarity with the immigrant community in Greater Cincinnati. We reject President Trump’s approach to immigration policies and his efforts to divide communities. Our immigrant neighbors already live in the shadows and are among the most vulnerable members of society. President Trump’s words today increase our concerns for their imminent safety and fair treatment.

Most immigrants flee their country of origin to escape violence and poverty. The language used in the press conference today paints a majority immigrants as threatening criminals. However, according to a CNN article, the number of undocumented immigrants who would be considered “threatening criminals” is an incredibly small percentage – less than 1/1000% of all undocumented immigrants. Increasing the number of enforcement officers, who will use their own discretionary authority to determine which immigrants they view as a threat to public safety, is subjective and will lead to racial profiling, abuses of power, and greater strains on police and community relations. Our immigrant community needs allies now more than ever.

President Trump has often said that he is a president for all the people of the U.S., however, in a 2016 election exit poll, 71% of respondents believe immigrants should be given a path to citizenship. The use of fear and hate rhetoric panders to a minority under the guise of patriotism.

The approach laid out today is a simplistic solution to a much greater problem. Comprehensive immigration reform should continue to be a priority in order to address the root causes of a complex issue. IJPC will continue to advocate for and with immigrants to create a better life for us all.

We urge you to call your elected officials and share your concerns for the immigrant community with them.

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