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IJPC Statement as Ray Tensing Trial Approaches

For the past 10 months, the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center (IJPC) has been engaging in the Rethinking Racism initiative, hearing the individual stories of both those who have personally experienced racism and those who recognize their contribution to systemic racism. Anger, sadness, apathy, fear, and a hunger for change have filled the conversations between individuals, in small circles and large groups. The pain of many is experienced and lived by a broader community who continues to experience and bear witness to violence and oppression each day. The common theme of power  oppressing people of color weighs heavily on our conscience as the city prepares for the trial of former University of Cincinnati police officer, Ray Tensing for the murder of Samuel DuBose. Set to begin on October 25, 2016, the outcome will have a significant impact on our city.

IJPC calls for accountability and justice to prevail. We pray and expect that power and privilege will not serve as the basis for impunity nor supercede the exercise of impartiality and determination of culpability.  We keep in our thoughts and prayers the families of Samuel DuBose, Ray Tensing, and all those affected by violence and oppression.

The conversations taking place during Rethinking Racism are one form of action to both share and listen to our neighbors. In the coming days, many others will engage in actions seeking justice for another innocent life taken too soon. The premise of IJPC’s mission is to promote a nonviolent society and to advocate for  accountability and justice  through nonviolent means. Active nonviolence is not a call for calm in the face of hurt and anger, but rather strategic and peaceful means of social change. We urge all those calling for change to engage in doing so passionately but nonviolently.

Those looking for actions to take or events to participate in can:

1. Pray for the families of Samuel DuBose, Ray Tensing, all those affected by violence and oppression; that the voices of the oppressed will be heard and honored.
2. Join us for the next Rethinking Racism event Thursday November 17, 2016 6-9pm at the Gathering at Northern Hills (460 Fleming Rd Wyoming, OH 45231) For more info, visit our website.
3. Take the implicit bias test on race to better understand your own biases.
4. Become aware of a coalition led by Black Lives Matter who have planned Countdown to Conviction events leading up to and during the trial of Ray Tensing as well as the UC Students for Sam Dubose who are organizing an event for their homecoming football game.