Save The Date: October 9, 2024. Annual Gathering of Ignite Peace.

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Winter 2023 Newsletter

IJPC's Winter 2023 Newsletter contains updates about our 3-year strategic plan and upcoming events. Read More

Fall 2022 Newsletter

IJPC's Fall 2022 Newsletter includes reflections on finding peace in fellowship, updates on the NoDeathPenaltyOH campaign, answers to frequently asked questions about DACA, highlights from our Annual Gathering, a glance at our strategic plan, and many upcoming events. Read More

Summer 2022 Newsletter

IJPC's Summer 2022 Newsletter includes details about our upcoming Annual Gathering, research on global perspectives on human trafficking, information about Strategic Nonviolence for Peace Advocacy, a reflection on Day of Hope, and ways to support the immigrant community.Read More

Spring 2022 Newsletter

IJPC’s Spring 2022 Newsletter includes ways to help survivors of human trafficking, a reflection on #NoDeathPenaltyOH’s College Campus Action Month, highlights from the Flying Pig, stories from the Immigrant Dignity Coalition, thoughts on education and racial justice, upcoming events, and many ways to get involved.Read More

Winter 2022 Newsletter

IJPC’s Winter 2022 Newsletter includes hopes for the new year, review of our Race and Racism in Cincinnati Docuseries, highlights of amazing volunteers, updates from the Immigrant Dignity Coalition, upcoming events, and many ways to get involved.Read More

Help Bring IJPC’s Next Annual Gathering to Life

Help bring IJPC’s next Annual Gathering to life with a team dedicated to an engaging event and fundraising for peace.Read More

Fall 2021 Newsletter

IJPC's Fall 2021 Newsletter includes a review of immigration policy changes over the past year, updates from #NoDeathPenaltyOH, a reflection on peace and nonviolence, highlights from our 2021 Annual Gathering, upcoming events, and many ways to get involved in our work. Read More